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Meet Nina Nesbitt & 10 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Her! (Exclusive)

It’s time to get familiar with one of‘s favorite rising pop acts: Nina Nesbitt!

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter, who was discovered by Ed Sheeran, recently caught the attention of Chloe Moretz who tweeted about her new single “The Best You Had” to her 3.3m followers.

The Best You Had” has been blowing up, racking in over 7 million streams on Spotify and landing in notable playlists, such as New Music Friday, Left Of Center, Pop Rising and more. You can stream Nina‘s latest single “The Best You Had” here, and also check out these exclusive 10 Fun Facts that she recently with us:

  • 1. I’m half Swedish, half Scottish and grew up on a LOT of ABBA.
  • 2. I’m really good at picking stuff up with my feet.
  • 3. I used to be a rhythmic gymnast for Scotland.
  • 4. I’ve got a Pomeranian puppy called Prince Timmy!
  • 5. I can produce my own music.
  • Click inside for the rest of the fun facts and to listen to her other song “The Moment I’m Missing”…More Here! »

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Get to Know Alex Russell with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Alex Russell is a rising star that you should keep an eye on and we caught up with him to learn some interesting facts about him!

The 29-year-old Aussie actor is best known for his work in the movie Chronicle and he can currently be seen on the big screen in Only the Brave.

Alex is also starring in the new CBS drama S.W.A.T. alongside Shemar Moore, which premiered this week. Catch new episodes on Thursdays at 10/9c!

Here are 10 Fun Facts that Alex shared with us:

  • 1. I love singing… classical, musical theatre (My earliest acting experiences were actually musicals), jazz and so forth. I also enjoy tap dancing.
  • 2. I love skateboarding and consider it an art form.
  • 3. I love rap and enjoy free-styling (though whether or not my free style rap is good varies from effort to effort).
  • 4. I can stretch my lips completely around the rim of a beer glass – my party trick. **Insert wisecrack here**
  • 5. I have a keloid scar in the shape of a smiley on my arm given to me by my friend Kent Rowe using the scalding metal tip of a cigarette lighter in art class when I was sixteen. … Proud parents.

Click inside to read the rest of the fun facts… More Here! »

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Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara to Release Charity Single 'Glass Slipper' (Exclusive)

Most people probably know Katherine McNamara from her roles in Shadowhunters and The Maze Runner franchise, but did you know she’s also a singer?

The 21-year-old actress got her start on Broadway in the musical A Little Night Music and now she’s going back to her musical roots, can exclusively reveal.

Katherine is releasing a song titled “Glass Slipper” that is all about empowerment and dreams coming true, and 100% of all proceeds from the limited release will go to the United Nations charity Girl Up.

“My hope is that ‘Glass Slipper’ will inspire people to believe in their dreams. Life is hard and sometimes our wildest wishes can seem so far away – so far away that we may never hope to achieve them,” Kat told us in an exclusive statement. “If you see your goals/hopes/desires as impossible, they will remain out of your reach. Simply believing that you can get your fairy tale ending is the first step to making your dreams a reality. The beauty of life is anything is possible with hard work and tenacity. This song celebrates the fact that dreams are the spark of inspiration for living your life to the fullest. So no matter how tough the road getting there is, its not impossible if you believe … because your glass slipper fits.”

“Glass Slipper” will be released on November 3 and will be available worldwide on all streaming services and for download on all platforms. However, the song has a limited release and will only be available to download and stream until December 31, so get it soon!

The song was written by Lindsey Lee and Derek Cannavo, and produced by Peter Stengaard and Barry Tyerman.

For more on Kat, make sure to check out our full feature on!

Meet 'Dirk Gently's' Actress Jade Eshete with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Jade Eshete is a rising star who is currently a series regular on the BBC America show Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency alongside Elijah Wood.

We caught up with Jade to learn 10 Fun Facts that you don’t know about her, including what she did to impress her high school crush, the celebs she served as a waitress, and the songs that always make her cry. Check it out:

  • 1. I make a pretty bomb mac and cheese and because of this I am and will always be a mac and cheese snob.
  • 2. I’ve only ever had 2 celebrities sit in my section when I worked as a server in NYC and both were real sweethearts: Fran Drescher and Josh Groban, who incidentally didn’t eat anything. Still not sure what to make of that…
  • 3. I used to suck both my middle finger and ring finger as a kid and didn’t stop until the 4th grade. And I only did so because after I contracted some virus that made my gums bleed my Mom told me it was because I sucked my fingers. LIES! But good move in the long run.
  • 4. I knew that when I grew up I was going to be a dancer. That dream shattered when I graduated and my Mom was like, ‘Nah’. So I became a Structural Engineer. Then quit after a couple years and became an actor, haha!
  • 5. I sincerely believed one day I would meet Michael Jackson and Prince. Part of me is still holding out hope that this will happen somehow.

Click inside to read the rest of the 10 Fun Facts… More Here! »

Hailee Steinfeld Lands Her First 'Cosmopolitan' Cover! (Exclusive)

Hailee Steinfeld looks stunning on the cover of Cosmopolitan‘s December issue, on newsstands November 7th!

The 20-year-old Pitch Perfect 3 actress, who’s being featured on the mag’s cover for the first time, took a quick survey to answer some fun questions!

Check out what Hailee had to say…

A celebrity she’d like to recruit for the Bellas: “Chrissy Teigen.”

Her dream duet partner is: “Drake.”

Her first kiss was: “The summer going into 6th grade. I set my expectations waaay too high.”

She feels sexiest when: “Iā€™m onstage performing for my fans.”

FYI: Hailee is wearing a Valentino jumpsuit, Stella McCartney bralette, and Valentino shoes on the cover.

For more from Hailee, head to

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Introducing CYN & 10 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Her! (Exclusive)

It’s time to get familiar with a brand new pop starlet on the rise: CYN!

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter, born Cynthia Nabozny, is the latest artist to join Katy Perry‘s label, UnSub Records. Born into a humble middle-class home in Michigan, outside of Detroit, CYN moved from Chicago to Los Angeles last year where she has spent much of 2017 working hard, writing and recording new material.

CYN recently dropped her new single “Only With You” produced by Felix Snow, which you can stream on Spotify and here, and also exclusively shared 10 Fun Facts with us that you might now know about her:

  • 1. I watch slime videos on the Instagram explore page when I can’t sleep at night.
  • 2. I have a bachelors degree in Management Information Systems (doesn’t sound very fun but it is a fact).
  • 3. In my song, Only With You, the lyric “playing this game of matter & space” was inspired by a book I was reading at the time titled “The Nature of Things” by an ancient Roman philosopher called Lucretius. I’ve recently discovered that this same book was once banned by the catholic church!
  • 4. I always sit down, on the floor, in front of a mirror when I’m doing my makeup– can’t be standing! That’s wayyyy too much work at that point!
  • 5. I have a fascination with trends in language (like when suddenly everyone is using the same slang words).

  • CYN – ‘Only With You’ (Pseudo Video)

    Click inside for the rest of the fun facts and to listen to her other song “Together”…More Here! »

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introducing cyn 10 fun facts you might not know about her 02

Emily Kinney Shares 10 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Her! (Exclusive)

Emily Kinney is a multi-talented star with roles on hit shows like The Walking Dead and the new series Ten Days in the Valley, as well as a music career!

The 32-year-old entertainer just dropped the video for “Mermaid Song,” which you can watch right here, and also exclusively shared 10 Fun Facts with us that you might now know about her:

  • 1. From Nebraska!
  • 2. Before TV shows and music, I worked on Broadway and in theatre. I also sang backup for different indie Brooklyn bands before I started doing my own music project.
  • 3. I love swimming and try to as much as possible.
  • 4. My favorite band is Frightened Rabbit.
  • 5. My favorite ice cream is mint chip.

Click inside for the rest of the fun facts and to watch the video… More Here! »

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